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Toddler walking through a cardboard house while two adults watch in background.
Your baby is now 15 months old and is probably keeping you on the move!
Today we will talk about milestones, nutrition, and the impact of drug and alcohol use on parenting. We’ll also let you know about a special medical appointment your baby can have when they turn 18 months old.

It’s time to complete the 15-month LookSee checklist. By fifteen months of age, does your child:

  • Use five or more words? (words do not have to be clear)
  • Look at pictures while you name them?
  • Try to show you something by making sounds or words while reaching or pointing and looking at you?
  • Imitate a few animal sounds?
  • Use connected sounds that seem like little stories?
  • Respond to own name when called?
  • Pick up and eat finger food?
  • Recognize some body parts on self and dolls?
  • Crawl up stairs?
  • Walk sideways holding onto furniture?
  • Try to squat to pick up a toy from the floor?
  • Remove socks and try to undo shoes?
  • Stack two blocks?
  • Use two hands while playing with a toy?
  • Repeat an action that made you laugh?
  • Look at you to see how you react? (after falling, when a stranger enters the room)
Follow up with your Health Care Provider if you answered “no” to any of these questions or if you have concerns about your child’s development.
Looksee Checklist
Immunization alert!
Your child is due to receive their first immunization for varicella, which is to prevent against chickenpox.
Toddler feeding a cucumber slice to an adult.
Building a healthy relationship with food
Having a healthy relationship with food and your body is an important part of mental health. Talk positively about food and bodies to protect your child’s body image. Avoid talking about diets, restricting food, or things you may not like about your own body.

Bodies come in all shapes and sizes. Be a role model by celebrating these differences!
Positive body image
Adult holding clipboard and baby while doctor sits in background.
Prepare for your Enhanced-Well Baby Visit
When your baby turns 18 months old, they can have a special, longer appointment called an enhanced 18-month well-baby visit. This is a great chance for you to discuss your child’s development with your health care provider.

Experts have identified the following as key areas for healthy child development:
  • Physical health
  • Safety
  • Social and emotional well-being
  • Motor and language skills
  • Parenting and healthy habits

Prepare for the visit using the 18-Month Well-Baby Visit Planner. This easy 5 to 10 minute guide helps you identify questions to ask your health care provider.
18-Month Well-Baby Visit Planner
Toys on carpet.
How alcohol, cannabis, or other drug use affects parenting
As a parent, you’re trying to do the best you can for your child. But your alcohol, cannabis, or other drug use can impact your child as well as yourself.

Don’t use alcohol, cannabis products or other drugs in front of your child, or when caring for your child.

When you’re affected by alcohol, cannabis, or other drugs, you might not be able to do things like:
  • Supervise your child and keep them safe
  • Complete daily tasks, like making meals
  • React or drive in the event of an emergency

Alcohol, cannabis, or other drug use can impact your physical and mental health. This might make it hard for you to see your children’s emotional needs or be available when your child needs support or comfort.

Children who see their parents under the influence of alcohol and other drug use are more likely to:
  • experience stress,
  • develop social, emotional, and behavioural problems,
  • start smoking tobacco, or
  • have their own alcohol, cannabis or other drug problems in the future.
Learn more about cannabis and other drugs
Adult looking at tablet.
Boys and Girls Club
The Boys and Girls Club have several locations and many programs throughout the Kingston area. Their programs include EarlyON, parent and tot swims, and a giant jungle gym!
Boys and Girls Club
Currently our e-mail program only goes until your baby turns 18 months old, so watch for your last e-mail then!
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