Parenting in KFL&A
Baby looking at adult.
Wow, your baby is 3 weeks old!
Today we’ll be talking about breastfeeding in public and physical activity.
You might notice your baby is having more awake time between feeds and naps.

Try these 3 ways to connect with your baby during their time awake:
  1. Read to them
  2. Sing to them
  3. Tell them about the world
Your baby will love looking at your face and hearing your voice talk to them.
Adult breastfeeding baby with blurred people in the background.
Breastfeeding in public
Did you know that breastfeeding in public is protected as a human right in Ontario and Canada? It is discrimination to ask a breastfeeding mother to cover up or move to a more discreet location.
Baby on tummy lifting head.
Movement for baby
Babies and children learn movement skills through playing and trying new things. Babies should have chances to be physically active several times each day. It might seem funny to think about your newborn being physically active, but it can be as simple as:
  • Tummy-time for at least 30 minutes spread throughout the day.
  • Getting on the floor and playing face-to-face with your baby. Make silly sounds and faces for your baby to hear and see.
  • Placing soft balls and toys near your baby so they can reach and grasp at them.
Babies can get flat spots on their head if they stay in the same position too long. Try to limit the amount of time your baby is restrained (e.g., in a stroller, car seat, or highchair) to no more than 1 hour at a time.
Two adults, each one is pushing a stroller.
Movement for parents
There are so many physical and mental benefits to physical activity. After giving birth, activities that feel comfortable to you are generally safe. Start slowly, listen to your body, rest often. If you've had a caesarean section, it is recommended you wait six weeks before doing any heavy lifting or intense activity.

Getting outside is good for you and your baby. If dressed appropriately, most full-term newborns can handle average summer and winter temperatures. Enjoy the sun safely by keeping your baby out of the direct sunlight, as they are too young for sunscreen. As your child gets older, spending time outdoors will encourage them to be more active. So, dress for the weather—rain, shine, or snow—and get outside together to explore.
Stroller wheels and running shoes on path.
Ideas for getting active
Free tools and learning materials, news, activities, quizzes, tips, and handouts for parents.

Videos, activities, and resources that will help you and your family to get more active.

Learn how to get active in Kingston.
Hope you have a great week. We’ll connect again next week when your little one is 1 month old!
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